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Lecturers and Lectures

1. Polarimetry Basics Gupta, IUCAA -- Talks
2. Polarimeter Construction and Advance Polarimetric Instrumentation A.N. Ramaprakash, IUCAA
3. Spectroscopy Basics and Modeling of Polarimetric Observations Ranjan Gupta, IUCAA
4. Polarization Properties of Galaxies at Radio Wavelengths Neeraj Gupta, IUCAA
5. Analysis of Astronomical Spectra Philippe Prugniel, CRAL-Observatoire de Lyon, Lyon, France
6. Spectral Libraries & Stellar Atmospheric Parameter Characterization HP Singh, University of Delhi, New Delhi
7. Polarimetry of Novae and Supenovae G.C. Anupama, IIA, Bengaluru

Lecture Schedule Link: Lecture Schedule
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Projects (Final Project Presentations for Tuesday 8th August 2017 at Bhaskara III
are listed below)
 (The research projects will be organized in groups of four to five sudents accompanied with an experienced tutor)
1. Stellar Spectral Classification and Parametrization using ANNs Kaushal Sharma, IUCAA (Bhaskara III)
 (Avinash Singh/BS Athira/Mridusmita Buragohain/Sorabh Chabra/Fency Sunny)
 2. Polarization Vector maps of Astronomical Objects Isha Pahwa & Sonali Sachdeva, IUCAA (Bhaskara I)
 (Gulafsha Begom Choudhury/Patricia Andrea Rojas/Tanya Rabban/Girjesh Gupta/Yash Bhargava)
 3. Using Rotation Measure technique to constrain magnetic field in distant galaxies Neeraj Gupta, IUCAA (A1 Seminar room)
 (Rahul Bandyopahyay/Sangeeta Dey/SK Rahaman/Nagamani Poloji/Namitha Issac)
4. Novae Polarimetry G.C. Anupama, IIA, Bengaluru (B3 Ist floor Computer Hall)
 (HK Sowmya/Yogeshkumar Joshi/Sameer Patel/Ramya Anche/Debasish Hazarika)
5. Interpolator for Stellar Spectra Philippe Prugniel, Lyon, France 
(B3 Ist floor Computer Hall)
 (Tanuj Dhar/Dhrimadri Khata/Pranoti Panchbhai/Gautam Saikia/N Sindhu)
Project Presentation Schedule for Tuesday 8th August 2017 at Bhaskara III
1. Stellar Spectral Classification and Parametrization using ANNs 
2. Polarization Vector maps of Astronomical Objects
3. Using Rotation Measure technique to constrain magnetic field in distant galaxies
Tea Break 1030-1100hrs
4.  Novae Polarimetry
5. Interpolator for Stellar Spectra
Concluding Session
Note: All participants MUST bring their Laptops with Linux pre-loaded (either via Ubuntu or Fedora etc)
and also pre-install PYRAF & DS9 and Python
Further for the Project no. 3 above (for Radio based techniques) -- you MUST also install CASAPY which is extremely straightforward on linux and mac from the weblink:

Organization of the School

Lectures will be given in the Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and next Monday morning (21 hours in total).

The afternoons (and the Wedneday morning) will be fully dedicated to research projects that will continue all over the week (40 h in total). The students will be distributed in groups of 4 or 5, with a tutor available to support them.

The Wednesday and Sunday afternoon will be reserved for a social activity.

The last Tuesday morning will see the presentation of the research projects by all the groups.

In the evenings, after the dinner, all the participants will be given the opportunities to give short and informal presentation of their research activities.

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